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Are you INTERESTED in increasing your sales, gross, and CSI?
Or are you COMMITTED to it?

Before we begin to consult and train at a dealer’s store, this question must be answered. We will not consult a store unless the dealer is 100% bought in to enhancing their business. Our services are useless unless a store is committed to do what it takes to fix the problems. The first step is to agree that there IS a problem. Human nature is to regress, not progress. We all get in that trap of familiarity and comfort, but we all have to recognize it and do something about it.

Experience the car business as you’ve never seen before. Our team has mastered the art of psychological selling. As we enter the 21st century, car buyers are at an all-time high in vehicle knowledge, education, and the entire sales game. If you don’t have a grasp on psychological selling, then you have a tough road ahead. Let us help develop your mind for what lies ahead.

As A Dealership, You Must Ask Yourself Two Question

  • 1. Am I selling the number of vehicles monthly that my dealership should sell?
  • 2. Are my numbers where they should be on every unit sold?

    If you answered no to either or both questions, We will show you hands-on how to maximize both areas and obtain the level of production you are striving for.

During these trying economical times, is your sales staff, internet staff, F&I managers, and desk managers maximizing every opportunity?

As you cut back on expenses, we will show you how to increase volume, gross, back end, and CSI all at the same time. Our consulting consists of teaching through hands-on training.

Ask yourself, when was the last time the trainer actually walked the walk from his/her talk?

Our team will take your staff by the hand and implement “Hossology”, as it’s beginning to be called, with real live customers.

As you look through all the testimonials from our website, every dealership we have trained will tell you they that they ran the tightest of ships. But when we showed them how to maximize their day, it was a breathtaking experience. Always remember we don’t want to completely change your organization; obviously, you are doing pretty well or you wouldn’t be where you are today. If we could show you how to enhance some of your problem areas and teach your staff how to work smarter not harder, then to mirror ourselves with the public, the impact is endless!

Car sales in the 21st century are actually easier now than it has ever been. We can teach each and every one of your staff how to lead your customers down the path of self-discovery. These same methods are working daily with all the dealerships we have had the pleasure of working with. Always remember, your destiny is not assured; it’s up to you to create it!