• F & I – The Power of Influence

    A solid, high-profit, F&I production, product sales, CSI and penetration levels are the focus. Our goal is to help get dealerships to a 70/30 product to reserve ratio. Our team strives to elevate the respect level and management participation level of F&I managers, full-fledged working managers who are an integral part of the management team

    • Full management and process training to maximize profitability
    • Full management & process training to get more approved with optimum quality of callbacks
    • Analyze lender performance
    • Analyze and monitor spot deliveries, contracts in transit, and held-contracts for any reason
    • Reduce chargebacks and adjustments and practices that cause them

  • 20/20 Deal Vision

    Are your Managers taking all the deals they should be? Are they Maximizing every deal to its full potential? Our Deal Vision Coaching is all about making sure your Management Team is equipped with the mindset and skills to, Take Every Deal and Maximize it!

  • The Psychology of Selling

    Sales is a business of influencing people to make a decision to buy a product or service. In order to do this, we have to look at the psychology of selling and what influences people to make decisions. We have figured out how to get more people to make decisions, which in turn increases closing ratios, profit, and CSI. We focus on driving that internal pressure inside of people versus focusing on external pressure, as we were all taught early in the business. We focus on all aspects of the sale including phone skills, appointment setting, and road to the sale skills with an in-depth focus on negotiation techniques and objection handling skills.