• “I have been an new car dealer for 43 years, owned six dealerships over that period of time and interacted with numerous sales professionals and consultants. I can say categorically that Hoss is the most effective and knowledgeable consultant with whom I have worked. His greatest strength is his ability to communicate effectively and gain trust of wary sales managers and sales consultants when implementing needed change. His knowledge of the new technologically-driven aspects of our business (i.e. V/auto) is unsurpassed. Hoss's character is beyond reproach.”

    John McEleney, Dealer Principal Chairman NADA 2009

  • “Hoss and I worked directly together at Herb Connolly Motors, a new car franchise dealer with Acura, Hyundai and Chevy franchises. Hoss brought expertise in sales training, F&I training/process, marketing and a wealth of knowledge in velocity style used car sales and process. Hoss involvement with our auto group over the course of 6 months as a consultant and day to day general sales manager of our Acura store has had a lasting effect on used car volume, used car departmental net profit and our group understanding of how to run a velocity style used car operation. We have gone from an average volume of used vehicles of 120 units per month across our 3 stores to now having our best months of used volume be 210 units plus! Part of that increase in units is attributable to Hoss' understanding of used car advertising in the internet age and following Hoss' recommendations to a "T". Additionally, our amount of aged retail inventory has shrunk dramatically and stayed at low levels on a consistent basis and we are making more money on wholesale cars than we ever have with Hoss' help on how to do a proper velocity style appraisal. Hoss is the type of consultant and leader that can bring lasting results in the form of sales training and process or used car department fundamentals that can help dealers across the country increase their Net profitability.”

    Brendan Connolly, Platform Manager

  • “Hoss Devine was introduced to me through the ETHOS organization, who was a strategic partner of Hoss Devine, Inc. at the end of 2006. We were struggling with generating finance revenue and product penetration. Hoss came in and installed a complete A-Z finance process involving the Finance Managers, Sales Managers, Salespeople, and administrative Staff. He introduced us to process mapping, continuous training, and execution. He selflessly offered his consultation on several areas outside his realm of responsibility to us and had a profound impact on our business and the way I manage it. I consider Hoss and his company an expert on Management Development, Sales Training, Finance Training, BDC & Internet Development, and Expense and Inventory Management. We were able to convince Hoss to join us for a year and a half to help streamline our entire sales operations, during which he played a hands-on role serving as our General Sales Manager and helping me with overall dealership operations. Hoss Devine is a passionate and dynamic human being driven by a desire to help others achieve at the level he has. He is an advocate of accountability in the development of people and serves as a great example of the kind of leadership that is sorely lacking today, not only in my industry, but in other industries across this country. Hoss Devine brings truth to consulting, and his approach is not for the weak at heart. He is an agent of change and a proponent of results. He is driven with an unwavering resolve and will demand progress and results from your staff. Hoss Devine, Inc. is an organization committed to delivery results. He and his staff are hands-on and are willing and capable of executing on the showroom floor what they teach in the classroom. Simply stated, they are different, they are better.”

    Anthony Gomez, Managing Partner

  • “Paul “Hoss” Devine consulted for our organization in 2007 at our Honda Store in Okemos, Michigan, helping us to improve our F&I revenue and product penetration through the installation of sound processes and continuous training and development. We asked Hoss back to help us with the launch of our new Honda Store in Port Richey, Florida. During this period, Hoss has been instrumental in helping us to install the processes and systems that have helped us to achieve great results right out of the gate. Hoss has led the charge in training those people new to our organization on our processes and Systems. One of the main goals of Hoss’ training is to make the staff bulletproof around not only the Road to the Sale, but in identifying, isolating, addressing and overcoming objections and in the art of negotiation. During this period, Hoss has joined with the team to help desk and close deals, appraise cars, direct and coach F&I, and manage and develop Sales and Management personnel. Hoss has always been sensitive around maintaining the integrity and culture of our store and tailors his approach and curriculum to achieve that end goal. His practical experience of what he teaches really shows in his day-to-day abilities. It was very refreshing to see a consultant in our industry willing to “walk the walk.” After training our people, Hoss always follows them out to the showroom floor and goes to work putting into acting the training he’s just done with the staff. Hoss’ “logical” approach to selling and passion really shows through his techniques and processes. We have since asked Hoss back to our store and will continue to turn to him when the need arises. If you’re looking for a hands-on approach to Sales, F&I Management training, and a consultant willing to roll up his sleeves and go to work on the showroom floor with your staff, then Hoss Devine is that man. He will increase the skill level of each and everyone of your people through a process of continuous training and a culture of accountability. Hoss has delivered great results for our organization to include increased gross profits in sales and F&I and increased closing ratios. We strongly recommend Paul “Hoss” Devine for your consulting needs.”

    Don Reese, COO

  • “Paul (Hoss) Devine came to my store, Ada Nissan, to train my sales people. I had spoken with him over the phone several times and felt that having him come to our store wouldn’t hurt, but just how much it would help was, of course, unknown to me at that time. So we scheduled the training. Hoss has a very non-threatening manner, and all of my staff was very comfortable with him right from the beginning. He split the sales staff up into groups, and he trained all day long. There was a very big emphasis on work tracks and role playing of those work tracks. My salespeople gained knowledge regarding the write-up and negotiation, which gave them a whole lot more confidence to get through the previous steps to a sale. I believe most new sales people are very anxious about the negotiation and, therefore, are unable to focus on the first few steps well enough to even obtain a write-up. My veteran salespeople really got a lot out of the training as well, which surprised me. They had all heard what you’re supposed to do, but the exact work tracs and the fun way Hoss goes about teaching them really improved their execution as well. I saw big improvements in my new salespeople as well as my veterans. I believe one of the things that really helped in the training was the buy-in of my managers to the work tracks that Hoss taught. At my request, he stayed one more week to help my sales reps and managers work deals and further improve the use of the things he trained (for a fee, of course). I would recommend any dealership in need of training bring in Hoss Devine. His intentions are right, his beliefs accurate, and his communication clear and well received by others.”

    Larry Yockey, GM

  • “Hoss Devine did exactly what he said he would. Once in my store, he saw the problem areas, made some adjustments and tweaks here and there, and improved my results. I definitely would recommend him to any store out there.”

    John Gabriele, President